Everyone Is Awesome?

This past week, I took my oldest son, Jeremiah, to Baltimore for a father-son trip. It was a special and memorable time together that included sharks, black light mini golf, arcades, jogging, junk food, cicadas, Lord of the Rings movies, episodes of Darknet Diaries, meaningful discussion, and indoor skydiving (ask Jeremiah about that one). But it was while perusing the Lego Store that I saw an intriguing 346 piece LEGO set. On the front of the box was a picture of the set – a striped rainbow...

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Repentance Is More Than Feeling Bad About Sin

Years ago, when I was working for Cintas Corporation in the Pittsburgh area, I had an interesting conversation with a co-worker. We talked about spiritual things, and if my memory serves me right, he confessed to being a Christian. What was odd, and what made me question his confession, was that he was living with his girlfriend, and at least from outward appearances, didn’t seem to be too concerned. Saying you’re a Christian is a very easy thing. It is, however, a different thing, a...

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When I Fear My Faith Will Fail

There are times in our lives when we feel we are hanging on by a thread. We don’t feel confident. We don’t feel assured. We don’t feel secure. We feel overwhelmed. Our faith seems to be so fragile it could shatter at any moment. We look at our circumstances and doubt whether we can make it through. We look at our daunting besetting sins and wonder if we’ll ever advance. We also wonder how it could be that we, a child of God, could think, feel, and do such shocking evils. We want to be...

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A Simple Path to Healthier Doctrine & Discernment

Bad theology undermines our comfort, assurance, peace, and joy in Christ. Bad theology leads to dark places. Wrong thinking and wrongdoing alike can destroy our lives or at least diminish our intimacy with God and our faithfulness. God intends our thinking to align with His Word, and from it our feeling and doing as well. Obedience to God is the fruit of the Spirit through faith, so it is very important what we believe. Some professing Christians think, “The Bible alone is my theology,” and...

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The Helpfulness of Strong & Theologically Savvy Mothers

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. It is a day to remember our mothers and their many sacrifices with much gratitude. Though everyone should be grateful for their mother, godly mothers are a particular blessing. Godly mothers give their children something ungodly mothers sadly fail to give their children – a Biblical and theological view of everything. It is important that mothers recognize the unique opportunity they have. They are uniquely positioned to nurture the next generation of...

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

At the end of the appointment, the doctor said, “Well, Sophia, I recommend you go on isotretinoin. It’s potent, but it will clear up your severe acne.” Sophia was startled. She turned her head and gazed into the mirror and admired her flawless skin. She thought, “Why would she put me on isotretinoin? My skin is flawless.” As Sophia left the parking lot slightly offended, she knew she’d never return. She preferred a more realistic doctor. But what if Sophia lived in self-deluded...

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The Comfort of the King of Cool Was the King of Kings

They called him the “King of Cool,” and it was a fitting title. He had the look. Bright blue eyes. Tough-guy persona. Style. His image communicated confidence. He had a troubled childhood and rose to the apex of fame in Hollywood staring in major motion pictures and becoming the highest paid actor of his time. It is said that he “exhibited a cool demeanor and style that made him a cultural icon, admired by men, loved by famous and beautiful women, and captured for eternity by the...

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The Conviction & Comfort of Inner Conflict

I saw a comic by Randy Glasbergen of two businesspeople conferring in an office, and the managerial-looking man holding a pen and paper says to the businesswoman, “We need to form a conflict-resolution team to settle the dispute over who should be chosen for our conflict-resolution team.” I think we’d all agree that conflict with others is the norm. But there is also conflict happening inside us. As Christians, there really is a battle within us. Our sanctification isn’t complete, so...

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Glorifying God with Our Words

“I hate you.” Just like that, I said it. My mother quickly and firmly addressed it. I can’t think of another time after that that I told my sister I hated her. I was a little kid, but I have a faint recollection of my nasty performance. I cannot recount the number of insensitive, angry, spiteful, disgruntled, bitter, malicious, vile, vulgar, profane, blasphemous, deceitful, false, and hurtful words that I have said in my lifetime. I’m an excitable, extroverted, and expressive person...

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Marriage & Sex (Part 4): Nakedness

Many things just aren’t made like they used to be. Many manufacturers have cheapened products by substandard design and quality control. We recently purchased a tiny remote control car for our youngest son for his birthday, and within a day or two, it malfunctioned. We returned it and purchased a different car, an upgrade, for a few more dollars. What a fun little car. It worked great until the boys launched it off our basement steps and the shocks broke. When I examined the now broken fun...

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