The Heidelberg Catechism: True Comfort for Life & Death

The Heidelberg Catechism is a time-tested, beautiful, thorough statement of the Christian faith. Despite the sizeable amount of Bible heard in countless Sunday schools, worship services, youth groups, and VBSs, many Christians can’t give an organized and competent summary of what they believe. The Heidelberg Catechism can help. 

Though published in 1563, the Heidelberg Catechism continues to be the statement of faith for millions of Christians. It can deepen your faith as well as warm your heart.   

Predestined for Joy: Finding Comfort in a Controversial Doctrine

Few Biblical doctrines are more polarizing among Christians than predestination. How sad. God intends this marvelous truth to unite Christians and give them unwavering comfort, assurance, and joy in their salvation. Many Christians misunderstand the depth and encouragement of predestination and are skeptical about its goodness.

Through its plain language and Biblical fidelity, this short and straightforward book can help you find deeper comfort and joy in God’s sovereignty and your salvation.


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