Theories Arguing Against the Resurrection of Jesus Don’t Hold Up Under Scrutiny

This post is not really an interaction with the theories of the empty tomb but rather a list of some theories. Upon careful consideration, it becomes clear that theories competing with the truth of Christ’s resurrection don’t hold up under scrutiny. Much research and writing has been done. If you doubt the resurrection, look into the research.

You may want to check out,5148 which is reflected below.

Theories about the resurrection:

  1. Stolen Body Theory – the disciples stole the body; this theory admits an empty tomb
  2. Swoon Theory – Jesus never actually died, he fainted; he refreshed in the tomb and escaped; this theory also admits empty tomb; how could he escape?
  3. Mass Hallucination Theory – people simply hallucinated; mass hallucinations don’t really exist; why isn’t there a body still in the tomb of the most famous man in history. 
  4. Scientific Theory – it couldn’t happen because the laws of science and supernatural events are an impossibility; oftentimes lovers of science will simply dismiss supernatural events as fairytales without actually making compelling arguments against them.
  5. Mistaken Identity Theory – another man was crucified in Jesus’ place; that many people made that big of a mistake, especially considering the hatred for Jesus, is very hard to believe.
  6. Wrong Tomb Theory – Roman guard? Roman seal? Jewish interest? Joseph of Arimathea? They knew where Jesus was buried.
  7. Identical Twin Theory – Jesus was a twin; his brother died instead. There is no evidence of a twin brother in Jesus’ lineage. Doesn’t address the empty tomb.
  8. Alien Theory – Jesus amazed people with his advanced alien abilities and technology; he beamed himself out to show himself to the disciples. Talk about a fairytale. There is no evidence whatsoever for this fanciful theory.
  9. Contradictions Theory – gospels contradict; disciples made mistakes; we can’t trust the accounts. What about the rational explanations for these events that do corroborate the testimonies? The argument that the Bible contradicts itself is adequately handled by many scholars who give rational explanations for so-called “contradictions.”

Check out the sermon titled “The Immorality (Not Rationality) of Unbelief.

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